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SPFX Issues 1-10 covers.



INTERVIEW: RAY HARRYHAUSEN The Master filmmaker... Ray Harryhausen's animated films have enthralled movie goers for over 5 decades. By Ted A. Bohus


JIM DANFORTH Animator/Director Can a computer match the animation in When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth? By Ted A. Bohus


SCI-FI Movie Props, Where Are They Now? Where is Robby The Robot? Gort? The Time Machine? The Blob? By Ted A. Bohus


THE TIME MACHINE: RETROSPECT A look back at the science-fiction classic The Time Machine. By Kevin G. Shinnick


A Stop Motion Animation Classic: Mighty Joe Young. After 46 years Disney has secured the rights to remake a masterpiece. By Paul Mandell


A Look At B-Movie Favorites--The Astounding She-Monsters A candid look at some of our favorite low-budget female movie creatures. By Fred Olen Ray


20 QUESTIONS– Michelle Bauer





SPFX #4 CONTENTS: (1996)


GENE FOWLER, JR. A talk with the man who directed I Married a Monster From Outer Space and I Was A Teenage Werewolf. By Ted A. Bohus


GLORIA TALBOTT The lady who married a monster. By Ted A. Bohus


JOHN PHILLIP LAW Our favorite Angel and Sinbad. By Ted A. Bohus


ANN ROBINSON War of the Worlds Star! From An American in Paris to War of the Worlds to Bullfighting. By Ted A. Bohus


BEN CHAPMAN On land Creature From the Black Lagoon: Will the real Creature please stand up! An interview with man inside the Gill Man. By Ted A. Bohus


I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE: RETROSPECT A look back at Gene Fowler, Jr.'s low-budget 8 day wonder. By Kevin G. Shinnick


THE GIANT BEHEMOTH A rare behind-the-scenes look at the making of Eugene Lourie and Pete Peterson's stop motion curiosity. By Paul Mandell


THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN Behind-the-scenes and on location with the sci-fi classic. By Jay Duncan


JIM DANFORTH'S KING KONG A first look at storyboard art and sketches from Universal's aborted King Kong. By Doug Murray


GODZILLA, King of the Monsters: 3-D! What happened to the 1983 Steve Minor-William Stout-Dave Allen-Rick Baker, Godzilla? By Brant Elliot





& Letters



ANN FRANCIS A brief chat with the star of Forbidden Planet and the cult TV series Honey West. By Ted A. Bohus


LYLE CONWAY The effects genius behind Dark Crystal, Return to Oz, The Blob and Little Shop of Horrors. By Ted A. Bohus


DAVID ALLEN Primevals & IMAX King Kong. By Jeff Taylor


JIM DANFORTH: Film Concepts, Screenplays & Stories A Martian Princess, DNA Dinosaur, Giant Apes, Alien Visitors, and Sherlock Holmes. By Jim Danforth


STOP MOTION ANIMATION STUDIO A candid conversation with Brett Piper, who has created some pretty amazing stop-motion effects from his kitchen studio! By Kevin G. Shinnick


MIGHTY JOE YOUNG MODEL KIT A look at the creation of the Mighty Joe Young model kit and Joe Laudati's studio. By MacKenzie Brooks





MAKING WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Interviews with producer, director, dialog coach, costume designer, stars, and more! By Gene Crowell


CHRIS WALAS Chris talks about his work on Scanners, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Gremlins, Enemy Mine, winning the oscar for The Fly and directing Fly II. By Ted A. Bohus


JOAN WELDON The star of Them! talks about acting, working with giant ants, and opera! By Ted A. Bohus


SEAN McCLORY Them! co-star shoots from the hip. By Tom Weaver


KEVIN McCARTHY From Death of a Salesman to the sci-fi classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers. By Ted A. Bohus


TRIBUTE: FAY WRAY We celebrate Fay's 90th Birthday with pictures.


MAD MONSTER PARTY A look at the creation of the children's stop-motion classis. By Ronald Dale Garmon



SPFX #7 CONTENTS: (1998)


INTERVIEW: DENNIS MUREN: From Star Wars '76 to SWI: The innovator of current effects technology.


INTERVIEW: LORNE PETERSON: The Head of the ILM prop department discusses a few of his favorite projects.


INTERVIEW: DAN TAYLOR: From low-budget (The Regenerated Man) to The Lost World.


INTERVIEW: KEN HUGHES: The director of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang very candidly discusses his children's classic.


INTERVIEW: RICHARD CORBEN: The creator of Den/Neverwhere speaks.


INTERVIEW: DAVID HEDISON: David talks about his work on The Fly, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, The Lost World and ffolkes.


INTERVIEW: PATRICIA OWENS: The Fly's leading lady speaks candidly about her career and raconteur, Vincent Price.


GORILLA MY DREAMS: King Kong images in Ray Harryhausen films.


An in-depth photo essay. Creature from the Black Lagoon with rare photos.

SPFX # 8 CONTENTS: (1999)


PHIL TIPPETT: From Star Wars '76 to The Haunting: The innovator of current effects technology.


THE COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK: Far from typical 50s sci-fi, Colossus is a serious, sober and near-depressing look at the effects of mechanization taken to the absurd lengths that only B-movies can.


MALA POWERS: Mala on Colossus... and Howard Hughes.


FRED STEINER: Music composer for Colossus, Star Trek and Twilight Zone sets the record straight.


DEE WALLACE STONE: Hooker, dog lover and E.T.'s Mom.


FRANK FRAZETTA'S motion picture and television art: Frank produced some of his greatest art for film and television advertising.


THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN OF THE HIMALAYAS: A look back at the eerie, atmospheric thriller that relied on story instead of effects.


DAVE ALLEN: Primevals and stop-motion reality check.


INTERVIEWS with Abominable star FORREST TUCKER and with Colossus of NY producer WILLIAM ALLAND.



KEN TOBEY: He had his own TV series, The Whirlybirds, and starred in the science-fiction classic, The Thing! By Ted A. Bohus


ROBERT CORNTHWAITE: The Thing's scientist, Dr. Carrington.


RAY HARRYHAUSEN & TERRY MOORE: Discussing Mighty Joe Young, now & then.


HUGH HEFNER: A candid conversation with the publisher, writer, cartoonist, actor, and avid film collector. By Ted A. Bohus


RETROSPECT–THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD: Behind the scenes look at the Howard Hawks classic that started the alien invasion craze of the '50's. By Ted Newsom


BEHIND THE SCENES: Little THINGS You Should Know: Information about sequences left on the cutting room floor and other tidbits.


TRIBUTE –DAVID ALLEN– A loving tribute to the man who inspired so many others with his incredible work and unselfish attitude.


Restoring the 1925 Classic The Lost World– INTERVIEW WITH: EDWARD STRATMANN.


MAKING ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN: The 1949 horror/comedy classic examined.


Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein: PRODUCTION FACTS & QUOTES.


I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF: Gene Fowler Jr. & Herman Cohen speak! By Tom Weaver


Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway!





JACK ARNOLD– Interview: Director of The Incredible Shrinking Man, Creature From the Black Lagoon & others.


RETROSPECT: CURSE OF THE DEMON (Many behind-the-scenes photos) An Analysis of Jacques Tourner's Supernatural Masterpiece.By Ronald V. Borst & Scott MacQueen


CHARLES BENNET– INTERVIEW: Curse of the Demon Screenwriter. By Tom Weaver


Curse of the Demon SOUNDTRACK ANALYSIS: A look at Clifton Parker's fascinating music score for the classic thriller, Curse of the Demon.


DAVE ADAMS–INTERVIEW: Starship Troopers Anime Series: ROUGHNECKS.


JANET LEIGH– INTERVIEW: Candid interview with the star of Psycho.


PAT HITCHCOCK– INTERVIEW: Daughter of "Master of Suspense," Alfred Hitchcock and star of Psycho and Stranges On A Train. By Ted A Bohus


KASEY ROGERS– INTERVIEW: Kasey Rogers (Laura Elliott) discusses Strangers On A Train, Peyton Place and Bewitched.


BEN BOVA– INTERVIEW: Author of over 100 futuristic novels! By Ted A. Bohus


MARCEL DELGADO: Interview King Kong & Beyond! By George Turner & Doug Turner (Many behind-the-scenes King Kong photos)


RETROSPECT: MAKING THE CRAWLING EYE: Creating a B Movie Classic By Kevin Shinnick

SPFX #1 SOLD OUT! (1976)


INTERVIEWS, Articles, candid photos and other interesting tid bits on the Making of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS.

SPFX #2 SOLD OUT! (1977)


The DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL FILMBOOK, Interviews with ROBERT WISE & EDMUND H. NORTH, candid photos...and more!

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